2016 Space review

So we’re nearly at the end of 2016! Good riddance you say? It hasn’t all been bad! There have been some amazing scientific discoveries and space moments! Here’s my pick of the 5 best!  Gravitational Waves The discovery of the existence of gravitational waves must surely be the greatest scientific breakthrough of 2016. Over […]

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So here I am. About to jet off to Florida to attend the GOESR NASA Social. It really is a dream come true for me. This year has been amazing and this really is the icing on the cake. Not only is it my first rocket launch, I’m also going to be watching it with […]

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Oh Schiaparelli! Or should we say Scraparelli? NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has detected an area of Mars which has been disturbed. When I say disturbed, I mean an area of Mars where a lander has crashed at high speed creating a huge charred area.  Take a look!! These pics were taken as part of a […]

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10 Exomars facts you should know

Ahead of tomorrow’s landing of #schiaparelli on Mars, here’s my top 10 Exomars facts you should know!  1 Exomars’ Trace Gas Orbiter has the capability of detecting gases around Mars greater than any other Mars mission. It will be looking for gases such as methane and nitrogen oxide, which may suggest life. 2 Exomars is a […]

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Every man’s sky

I haven’t written anything for a while. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on. Really hard stuff. I lost my inspiration, my love of things. I still have to some extent. But then I went out today with some friends, to one of my favourite places, Dalby Forest. We walked 11k and for part […]

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I’ve been a bit slow with the blog posts from my trip, but I think I’ve needed a bit of time to step back and reflect! It was a crazy 2 weeks! Spacefest was the main reason for the whole trip. I remember seeing it advertised over a year ago and booking my flights as […]

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